Make Sure You Have the Right Fire Alarm System

Rely on us for fire alarm installation services in Casper & Douglas, WY

As a commercial or industrial property owner in the Casper & Douglas, WY area, it's important to make sure you have the right safety and security systems in place. Some of these systems are required by the state for legal operation, while others are designed to give you added peace of mind and protection.

Fire alarm systems are created to meet specific fire code regulations at the city, county and state levels. And they will also increase safety and security at your commercial or industrial property. If you haven't taken steps to ensure that your property is up to code, or you need an expert to install a commercial or industrial fire alarm system, call Alliance Communications & Technologies today.

Start-to-finish installation services

  • A fire can reduce your commercial or industrial property to ash. Alliance Communications & Technologies, a leading destination for automation and security systems, offers the latest in commercial or industrial fire alarms. No matter your property's size or location, you can count on us for comprehensive services, including:

    • Fire code regulation assessment
    • NICET-certified engineers
    • Fire alarm system designing
    • Fire alarm system building
    • Cable running

    Trust the safety of your property to the professionals at Alliance Communications & Technologies in Casper & Douglas, WY. Call 307-333-6699 today to schedule an appointment for installation or inspection services.

Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

Install a fire alarm system in Casper & Douglas, WY

When a fire breaks out, you'll need to know ASAP to get yourself and your family to safety. That's where Alliance Communications & Technologies comes in. We'll install a fire alarm system in the Casper & Douglas, WY area.

With an emergency fire alarm in place, you can rest easy knowing you'll be alerted to any smoke or fires in your building. Discuss your fire alarm system options with our crew today.

3 reasons to let us install your fire alarm

If you need a fire alarm system for your property, Alliance Communications & Technologies is the top choice to handle the installation. You'll want to work with us because we...

  1. Follow NFPA and NEC codes, NICET standards and all city and county regulations.
  2. Coordinate with the local fire marshals and AHJD to make sure we do the installation right.
  3. Specialize in installing Potter Fire Alarm Systems, but can work with any system you prefer.

You'll have the exact fire alarm system you need by the time we're done. Protect your home from undetected fires by calling 307-333-6699 now.